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A Golden Nugget in Frustration

Woman with eyes closed releasing frustration surrounded by colorful cloud-like gases meant to represent alchemizing  frustration into creativity

Alchemize Frustration into Creativity

You’ve all felt frustration in its myriad intensities, which may have left you feeling discouraged over unmet expectations. This disenchantment may result from feeling trapped or experiencing deep mental blocks. Perhaps these hindrances might have arisen because you have held on to your ideas too firmly. You could be afraid of losing control, leaving you caught in your thoughts. Today can be an excellent time to work on giving up your hold on the uncontrollable and allowing the creativity of the universe to flow through you.

Try starting a project with no expectations of an outcome. If you are a dancer, for example, you can turn on music, allowing the music to flow through you, allowing the music to guide each body movement, incorporating no false movements, only movement through the entire song or playlist, and letting the dance unfold. You may be surprised that when you release your need for control, your blocks will begin to disappear.

There are endless examples of this sort of alchemy. If you are an artist, you can start drawing random lines, making a point not to erase them. By incorporating your mistakes, you can merely let the picture happen. Write a book in unscripted writing for 15 minutes every day for a week or a month without thinking or rewriting. Then, discover what story manifested at the end of your allotted time.  Cooking or baking with no expectations or outcome can start by grabbing a primary substance, adding the next ingredient that comes to mind, followed by the next and the next until baking or cooking as directed by random thoughts. Tasting the final creation with curiosity and open-mindedness.

When we let go of the need to control, we can tap into an unlimited source of universal creativity. There are many times when we seek a particular outcome--we have a set picture in our minds of what we want to achieve. These are unconscious expectations we don’t realize we set by focusing on the end result. As we continue working, we may notice that what we have created isn’t aligned with our initial vision. By relinquishing our desire to direct or control the final result, we tap into the infinite resources of the universe. We become more creative the more we allow ourselves to let go. Today, explore this concept of trying to give up your desire for an end result; see if it will produce a more significant means of unleashing your creative power.

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