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My Free Coaching Bots and Tools

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Lots of Self-Help Coaching or Set an Appointment on my New LifeCoach-Melody Website

Change is why you're here! Book today!

Life Coach Melody Taylor-Fliege kneeling on a winding path of colorful Fall leaves and many trees and bushes changing colors from Summer to Fall.

Life Coaching helps navigate the changes in our lives. I think Fall colors demonstrate this concept well.

I'm International Life Coach Melody Taylor-Fliege

Coming from rural Idaho USA, I've gained experience in public and private enterprise, as an inventor, entrepreneur and military. I've lived in USA Idaho, Colorado, and New York as well as Berlin, Germany, Southern Italy, Beijing, China and traveled into 60+ countries. Today I'm a CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, EMCC certified Teams Coach, and Akashic Records Intuitive based in Loveland, Colorado and Berlin, Germany.​

After over 13 years of International Coaching around the globe, I decided to simplify in many parts of my life, especially my coaching website. I added plenty of fun and ease in booking a coaching session with me. Check it out for yourself! Check out my new Life Coaching Look! I know you'll find something interesting!

Self-Coaching Bots & Tools - Scroll to my Website Bottom

  • Coaching Bot Eliza is created for some FREE fun, you might find something useful in her outlandish questions! Try ELIZA by typing something in the box! But don’t take her too seriously!

  • My new 5-Elements Coaching can evoke balance in every day life stresses!

  • Or check out my inspirational Card Deck Coaching Tool! With three decks to choose from. (Decision Making Deck, Life Learnings Deck, and Inspirations Deck) Your certain to walk away inspired!

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