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Akashic Coaching

The Akashic Records, as energy, exist and stream from the infinite and eternal beyond any sense of Linear Time.

 - Cheryl Marlene, Akashic Mystic

Struggling with big changes in your life? Need to make a decision? Or just need more clarity about something? Akashic coaching could be what you are looking for.

Untangle yourself from cultural norms and stories that are holding you back and keeping you playing small.

Explore your saboteurs, shadows, and stress responses and the ways they hold you back.

Prioritize in ways that help you feel more powerful, aligned, and nurtured.

Make meaning of your life in more empowering ways and deepen self-trust.

Cultivate a gentle, peaceful inner landscape that nourishes rather than punishes you.

Build your toolbox of practical, powerful skills for feeling better, stronger, and more effective as the changemaker and cyclebreaker you were meant to be.

Be more YOU, not more perfect.


What is Akashic Coaching?

Akashic Coaching is a style of coaching everyday life challenges and topics that helps you practice reconnecting to your multi-dimensional parts and pieces, so regardless of your life circumstances, you can again feel empowered through Self- love, acceptance, joy, and more within your most important relationship – the relationship with yourself. During each coaching session, through your questions with openness and intention to remember, out will come the wisdom of the Ancients.


The Akash is a Quantum Crystalline Grid – a spiritual grid that lays over the surface of our planet Earth that allows what humans do to transfer into this grid in real-time. It remembers everything we humans do and where and when we do it. Some call it The Book of Life. Some say there is a Crystalline Cave of Creation that holds all human lifetime memories within its crystal memory banks. Together it's a multi-dimensional system of capturing all human experiences and infusing them into the vibration of our planet Gaia. All lifetimes are also accessible to each human through the double helix of the human body's DNA which stores in it the information and energy of all that you ever were. You never have to relearn anything spiritually since it's cumulative, staying with you from lifetime to lifetime. All you have to do is remember.


Deep within your Akash is an infinite pool of wisdom and experience that invites you to remember your magnificence, reconnect within, and reclaim it. Akashic Coaching helps you tap into the wisdom of the Ancients, empowering you to take your next steps of this lifetime's quest and express more authentically what you came here to bring about.

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