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Transformation is change in its organic form

“Intention is the core of all conscious life. Conscious intention colors and moves everything.”

Hsing Yun

Change is all about transformation. Transformation is change in its organic form.

Every living tree moves the earth in its unique way according to the soil elements and the circumstances from the sprouting of the seed until the death of the tree. A tree can be transformed into a house, chair, canvas, book, fuel to stay warm, and a myriad of other things. We humans never stop changing from the moment we are conceived until our bodies are entirely decomposed. If change is elemental and constant, then what is so difficult about trying to change a habit, learning something new like a language, sport, or instrument? Is there a trick?

The intention is a trick at the heart of transformation, because in transformation, the beliefs get modified, so actions become natural; thus, the results are achieved. Consider each restrictive, sabotaging thought and the intention underneath it. Compare that with each expansive, loving thought and the intention underneath it. For example, when using manipulation, even one sentence can start with an intension of love and switch to the intention of blaming through a word like “but” or words that find fault.

The heart is an excellent truth monitor of our pure intention underneath our thoughts, actions, and the vision we hold about life. It’s essential to monitor your intention in a way that is more about noticing what your intention is telling you, and then choosing what you want to do from the new information you learn. The more mindful you become, the faster you will notice how quickly your intention can change, even mid-sentence or mid-thought. Learning to handle power and control with integrity lies with constantly monitoring your intention because at any given time, your intention can change, and no one may notice but you.

  • I challenge you to monitor your heart center’s honest intention when thinking, speaking (even not talking), and acting. You may be surprised by what transformations happen in your life!

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