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Wheel of Life: A Balance Tool

Life pulls us in so many directions all at the same time making balance a challenge to find. Money, career, health; is there more? Perhaps relationship is core! Creative, curiosity most certain to encore; fun and development and so much more. So dance in the moment, create and explore then detach from the outcome! Let go and adore! That beauty of miracle beyond belief that comes through that core you stretched out of before; and into the NOW you find yourself changed, moment by moment somehow arranged. Do not fear change, embrace it full-on! Embody transformation! Let go! Re-define! Stretch yourself beyond what you know! See what you find! Balance is restored, for it’s a state of mind!" – Melody Taylor-Fliege .

The wheel of life is a coaching tool used to help find what areas of your life to focus on in order to bring more balance.

What methods have you used to help you balance through your life changes?

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