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Breaking Barriers! Congratulations ICF-Colorado!

I am a proud member of the ICF-Colorado Charter Chapter! The International Coach Federation recognized our Colorado chapter with a “Breaking Barriers” award this month at the Global Leaders Forum in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Congratulations ICF-Colorado Charter Chapter!

International Coach Federation 2014 Chapter Award Winners

Six chapters were recognized with 2014 ICF Chapter Awards at a March 5, 2015, ceremony held during ICF Global Leaders Forum 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Chapter Awards

ICF Chapters form the coaching profession’s core group and are the voice and presence of coaching in their respective communities. ICF recognizes Chapters that make a difference or set themselves apart in their communities and honors them with the I Care For Award and the Breaking Barriers Award.

The Breaking Barriers Award recognizes ICF Chapters that demonstrate outstanding success in one or more of the following areas:

  • Exceptional membership growth

  • Innovative special event

  • Creative strategic alliances with allied organizations

  • Extraordinary fundraising efforts

  • Impactful media relations programs

  • Other notable achievements or activities

ICF Colorado – Medium Chapter (151 – 250 members)

In October 2014, ICF Colorado hosted “Unleashing the Authentic Leader Within,” a one-day conference targeting coaches, leaders and executives interested in deepening the depth and impact of their leadership. The sold-out event drew more than 110 attendees, 70 percent of whom were not ICF Colorado members. Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the event was a significant source of non-dues revenue for the chapter.

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