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Two Affirmations Against Impostor Syndrome

“The greatest obstacle for me has been the voice in my head that I call my obnoxious roommate. I wish someone would invent a tape recorder that we could attach to our brains to record everything we tell ourselves. We would realize how important it is to stop this negative self-talk. It means pushing back against our obnoxious roommate with a dose of wisdom.”

Arianna Huffington

Co-founder of The Huffington Post, syndicated columnist,

author of fifteen books, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global

We all suffer from it, the impostor syndrome! Do either of these sound familiar? You respond to assigned tasks with over-preparation only to contribute any recognition to hard work. You may be responding with procrastination, contributing any success with luck. Other impostor syndrome signals can be turning down promotions, high-exposure projects, or new roles for fear of being exposed as not as intelligent, creative, or talented as your job title indicates or you might feel inside.

Self-doubt is one thing. As a more chronic form of feeling undeserving, called impostor syndrome, where you pass off any achievements as luck or an ability to deceive others into thinking you are more than you perceive yourself to be, can hurt not only you, but all of your relationships, teams, and businesses. The impostor syndrome shows up in more ways than I address here, and there are just as many ways to deal with it. In this blog post, I focus on affirmations and strengthening the intention underneath any affirmation against the impostor syndrome.

Affirmations can be used anywhere, anytime against the impostor syndrome, helping you to reclaim the truth about you. Boosting inner-awareness and self-confidence comes through how firm your intention is underneath what you write, say, or think with an affirmation. Work with your intension more than the exact words. Focus on, meaning your affirmations from the truth of your heart outward. Write your own or use one of the affirmations below against the impostor syndrome.

  • Affirmation 1: Speaking now to my impostor syndrome voices, I say to you that I hear your concerns for me, and acknowledge you are a part of me that I can adjust my volume to you. I choose to now turn down the volume of your voice by also accepting that: I am enough, exactly the way I am. It is safe to be me. It’s ok to feel. I relax into feeling safe, loved, and deserving of all of my accomplishments. I choose to live and trust that every decision I make leads me to a greater abundance of health, self-love, inner peace, and joy. I now create my new future. I now open to experiencing new ways of being me. I take off all masks as I unplug from impostor syndrome, realizing that what is needed is more of my unique abilities. My unique skills nurture every space, situation, and person I connect with, including myself. Greatness lives inside of me; my worth and my value are increasing now. My strength is greater than my struggles, and I see endless opportunities surrounding me. As I breathe into my core, I expand my freedom to unplug from imposter syndrome and reveal the real deal, me as I am, claiming every single one of my successes, owning my accomplishments. I now relax into and trust the process of life, accepting into my consciousness all of my self-love or something better.

  • Affirmation 2: I’m making a choice instead of believing my impostor syndrome voices; I now choose to believe in myself, as I am. I believe in my abilities to creatively figure things out. I see, feel, and hear solutions at just the right moment in every challenge before me. I trust myself more fully with every breath. I now accept and approve of myself. I am strong, capable, and confident in who I am and all that I do. I breathe in love and exhale compassion. I breathe in understanding and exhale confidence. I breathe in joy and exhale tolerance. I breathe in curiosity and exhale acceptance. I am deserving of this role that I now have and worthy of the shoes I am wearing. I add value by showing up, and I don’t have to know everything. I recognize that I am human, and the beauty in my mis-takes allows me to gather even more wisdom. I adapt and adjust my presents to open up and fully receive and accept all compliments with a simple “Thank You.” I know that mis-takes are part of the process and signal that I am the real deal moving to a whole new level. Everyone started somewhere.

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