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Today’s Takeaway from Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Loveland, CO USA – 25 June 2021

Today’s takeaway from Free Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Loveland, CO USA – 25 June 2021 is:

“Coaching is like rearranging the pieces of the puzzle just enough to create a new perspective that ignites new thinking. New thinking applied to old patterns can produce new impulses for action.”

Melody Taylor-Fliege

Challenging times create opportunities to change in ways yet discovered. Change is one constant in life; we change with each breath we take. How we take that breath – how we choose to act in the face of the challenges before us is entirely up to us. Today’s group interacted in a way that helped lean into what’s difficult, stepping into the shadow to reclaim value, redirect, re-define discomfort.

In his book “When everything changes, change everything,” Neale Walsch explains that the experience of Fear is the emotion of Love, distorted, and all Fear is an expression of Love. Fear can be very discomforting and hold us back from good things in life. Walsch helps us understand that what we think we are seeing is our interpretation of what we are looking at. The “evidence” that is “false” is the appearance of things in his acronym of FEAR being False Evidence Appearing Real.

  • What if there is nothing wrong with my current situation, instead everything is simply different?

  • What if this is Heaven?

  • What happens when I lean into this discomfort?

What I really love about coffeeshop coaching is that no matter what the individual focus is, somehow, the topics evolve and unify the group! There is so much in a group to harvest as individuals. It’s always a delight witnessing individuals process their challenges in these coffeeshop coachings.

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