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Today’s Takeaway from Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Idaho Falls, ID USA – 15 December 2019

Today’s takeaway from Free Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Idaho Falls, ID USA – 15 December 2019 is:

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”


Life is full of opportunities to change; let go of the past, move into something new. Change is uncomfortable even when we choose to embrace the unfamiliar. It takes courage to choose change. It also takes courage to move through unanticipated change from natural disasters to internal diseases that force us to make choices we may not be ready to make or may regret later. Coaching tools help us to change our perspective and see things for what they are rather than repeated story loops dictated by the past. One of the beautiful things about coaching is co-creating change navigating tools that are customized to one’s personal situation along life’s journey. Tools that help distance us from the difficult emotions in change help us navigate change and make better decisions. Today we used common sense and simplicity from the 5-Elements coaching tool to bring more balance to the emotions attached to past events.

  • What is a favorite coaching tool for you?

  • How have you applied simplicity to move ahead?

  • Which coaching tool have you tried that you would you describe as the most efficient?

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