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Today's Takeaway from Coffeeshop Group Coaching - Beijing, China - 15 October 2019

“You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” –Brian Tracy

Change is inevitable, and it can be challenging and difficult; forgiving and letting go, changing habits, jobs, or countries. Most of the time, we are the cause and need to change and do things differently. Resistance usually makes change more difficult, while acceptance and surrendering can make for a more pleasant transforming process. Using a piece of paper can help distance your thoughts and create more clarity. Understanding how to listen to your personal values can help you find direction. Facing each obstacle deliberately, one at a time, or only focusing on what is before you right now. These are a few tools that can help you find solutions in moments of high-stress.

  • What would help you right now to activate your intuition?

  • What was your first thought in answering that question? It is probably the best thing to do.

  • What else has helped you keep a clear and logical mind while pursuing your goals and dreams?

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