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Today's Takeaway from Coffeeshop Group Coaching - Beijing, China - 10 October 2019

“This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.” –Author Unknown

Change always has difficulty in it, and many times we need to be very uncomfortable before we are willing to change. Sometimes we choose to open up, step into vulnerability, and surrender to the uncomfortableness knowing it will come and go like breathing. Stability and balance are about being awake, aware, and consciously embracing even the difficult moments that are growing you and expanding you into a bigger, better version of YOU; while also recognizing when to rest and regain your strength and perspective.

  • How do you maintain balance through change?

  • How can you face forward to what is coming your way?

  • How can you take action even if it seems less than what you want?

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