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Today’s Takeaway from BestOF Group Coaching -Beijing China - 21 November 2019

Today’s Takeaway from Best OF Group Coaching -Beijing China – 21 November 2019 is:

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

Albert Einstein

The 5-Elements can help you break through the Great Wall obstacle between you and your objectives in life. Many times, the barriers between your current position and where you want to be appear indestructible, yet are so fragile that you could pierce through them by applying the slightest flick of your wrist or change in thought. Identifying and describing this magic “flick” is what coaching is supposed to be assisting you with. A simple application of the ages old Chinese 5-Elements concept of finding balance can do the trick for you. As everything is connected and works with each other and can also work against each other in the process of change. The 5-Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) stemming from Chinese philosophy show how everything is connected, revealing cycles and patterns in every experience if you know what to look for. Using simplicity and common sense, the 5-Elements can be a practical coaching tool helping you figure out where you are in the cycle; therefore, what might come next.

We were a group of coaching enthusiasts during my final volunteer coaching as a member of the diplomatic community in China, during which I applied the best of my Coffeeshop Coaching. I utilized inspiration from how the 5-Elements have shown up in my life, allowed me to come to a full circle and witness incredible achievements of inspired and courageous participants. I am so proud, you allowed me to be your coach in this significant period and at this point! With my goodbyes I am opening a new chapter of coaching and from my heart welcome all of you to be a part of it. I am in the process of developing ways of reaching the next level of my coaching while staying engaged with China and the international community globally.

Considering the coaching you have experienced with me, think about your personal aspirations for the coming year, your own specific plan of achievement; how much will you utilize coaching – with me or any coach of your choosing? Remember that YOU are the first person responsible for you! Go to my scheduling page and book your appointment today or email me. It’s that easy!

A few responses from Coffeeshop Coaching clients when asked; What has been the best (most effective, fun, easy, etc.) coaching tool or coaching exercise you remember from our coachings?

  • Laura – get paper and pen out before engaging in talks with partner about any sort of planning! A relationship saver!

  • Susanne 何 沐灵 Hé Mùlíng – Regarding goals: Where might you be settling for less?

  • Mint – 1) Be at present and imagine the future goal you want to succeed and stepping into that moment. Tune yourself into it, and come back to the present. Finally, find the solution you have when the time comes that you feel struggles, the tool that keeps you move toward your goal. 2) Write down what is troubling you, to release emotion and keep the distance from it. 3) Self-talk, say it out loud to yourself, whether to cherish gratification or the dialog between thoughts. This exercise is helping you to find the balance from within. 4) Ask this question, What does…mean to me? Ex. Bills, Money, etc. to find your true meaning and notice how you react to it on a daily basis. And create a new perspective that serves you well. 5) Chunk down the big task to little steps. By doing this, it keeps you from draining the energy. And see it as many possibilities to succeed.

  • Giannina – Sharing your values through the use of a short story while having the rest jotting things down. Sometimes it’s useful to see what I transmit.

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