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Today's Coffeeshop Coaching Takeaway from - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 31 July 2019

Today’s Coffeeshop Coaching takeaway from Toronto, Ontario, Canada is:

“Life is meant for awesome adventures, good friends, great coaches, and LOTS of coffee!” – Melody Taylor-Fliege

Topic: Power of the water element – a Niagara Falls perspective!

Canada offers a breathtaking flow of water, power, and mist perspective. Niagara Falls features three towering water shows and over-the-edge views of the jaw-dropping power and beauty Mother Nature offers at this location. The perspective magically opens as you feel the mist on your face listening to the loud roar of the thundering water obeying the laws of gravity. A great perspective to help you flow through significant emotional challenges life mercilessly offers.

Canada’s global metropolis Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America. Winter, lasting from October to April, can be savagely cold with much wind and plenty of ice storms creating a “Great Chill” perspective. With weather that can change quickly, an “extra-layer” perspective provides a more cautious element in decision making. There is the land of snow and maple syrup perspective. A “gift of tongues” perspective to be taken with a hefty dose of Nova Scotia sea salt and maybe a little alcohol is to see how many languages you can hear and identify just walking one day in Toronto. With two official languages and people from nearly every nation on the planet, makes this city among the most diverse in the world. Foods perspectives are just as varied, smelling some kind of different food every 10 feet, starting with sweet and grainy fresh bread then merging into curry then diffusing into Chinese garlic sauce, then resurging probably back to bread. The farm-to-table cuisine perspective comes from restaurants that grow their own food to make signature mouth-watering dishes. Toronto, with teams in nearly every professional sport, takes its sports teams very serious, giving a nice rise to the Hockey perspective as a team or individual players. Raccoons would be the animal perspective here as these little guys are seen often cruising around town and hanging on street corners stealing baked goods. The loonie-1$ coins and toonie-2$ coins offer a “loonie-toonie currency perspective,” animating a helpful values perspective for any dilemma. The Couchsurfing perspective comes from a website that allows visitors to connect with locals who are willing to allow them to stay in a spare bedroom or on their couch for free.

  • In making a big decision, what would you consider an extra layer?

  • What resources are you not yet tapping into for better flow through emotional challenges and triggers you face?

  • What extremes in your personality can provide great benefit for your career, relationships, or goals?

  • How can you more fully exploit the vas variety of cultures that surround you and the opportunities that are created through these potential connections?

  • How can applying the animated “loonie-toonie currency perspective” lighten up your money issue topics?

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