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Today's Coffeeshop Coaching Takeaway from - Tijuana, Mexico - 15 July 2019

Today’s Coffeeshop Coaching takeaway from Tijuana Mexico is:

“Life is meant for awesome adventures, good friends, great coaches, and LOTS of coffee!” – Melody Taylor-Fliege

Topic: What do sombreros, zebras, and opera in the street have in common?

Mexico’s famous Baja Peninsula border town of Tijuana offers many great coaching perspectives! Depending on your timing, you can experience a mind-numbingly horrific border wait perspective or an easy-crossover perspective. Be creative! Tijuana is an art and design capital filled with amazing colors, styles, and architecture. Going-with-the-flow perspective could be an obvious one. Then there is a culture perspective like “Opera in the Street” that is a street fair combined with opera. There is the non-discriminating random-potholes perspective for tipsy and sober people alike and can be non-forgiving in causing discomfort. Gastro parks, “a must eat experience,” are a food truck park set up offering delicious Mexican breakfast, coffee, soups, seafood and more. They can test your decisive and indecisive abilities. A gastro park perspective lays the groundwork to the importance of tapping into multiple resources for significant decisions. Zebras (a donkey with black stripes painted on it) have been a tradition for 100 years in Tijuana, providing the strips, black-n-white balance, or carrying-a-load perspectives. There is a red light district where it’s also ok to buy and smoke weed with your after-hours beer offering a “relax, let go, and enjoy!” perspective. Food and drink perspectives come in the flavors of “Taco Alley,” street tacos or the famous “Caesar Salad,” invented by an Italian in Tijuana during Prohibition. Even better a craft beer stress relief perspective of straying from west coast styles and instead experimenting with new flavors and techniques in crafting beer—never know what you might discover! Beach perspectives range from sombreros-n-sunglasses to mouth-watering seafood or the peculiar perspective where the border wall ends into the ocean.

  • What are the potholes in your path? And what can they teach you?

  • If your current challenge were an Opera in the street, what is the storyline?

  • Zebras are a big part of the picture in Tijuana. What perspective can they bring to life?

  • What role does time play in your crossover – your current transition?

  • If your current decision were food, which food would it be?

  • How can you better go-with-the-flow or dance-in-this-moment?

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