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Today's Coffeeshop Coaching Takeaway from - Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA - 28 July 2019

Today’s Coffeeshop Coaching takeaway from Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA is:

“Life is meant for awesome adventures, good friends, great coaches, and LOTS of coffee!” – Melody Taylor-Fliege

Topic: Wild West Perspectives!

Idaho Falls; located along the luscious Snake River of Southern Idaho home to many farmers yet also harvesting electricity from water turbines within the powerful falls! The five miles of river walk scenery that surrounds this Snake River Greenbelt with changing colors throughout the years holds many memories for me as I was born not far from here like jogging, cycling, walking and even country swing dancing to the sound of bagpipes. There is a yearly duck race for charity. A beautiful Mormon Temple that for many is part of the Idaho Falls Skyline. A point of reference that a little further south is the Great Salt Lake, point of arrival of the great Mormon trek where Brigham Young announced: “This is The Place!” Allows you to look inside yourself and ask, What’s my trek and place? Not far west from Idaho Falls is Craters of the Moon, as the landscape reveals was etched from a time of much volcanic activity along with Hell’s Half Acre, a 5,000-year-old lava flow of hard-packed eroded earth, rock formations and ravines. To the east, you can see the Grand Teton Peaks marking the divide between Idaho and Wyoming near Jackson Hole. To the north leads you to the west entrance of over two million acres that comprise Yellowstone National Park, which unleashes a few great perspectives like the “Old Faithful Geyser; Let it blow!” perspective and the “nurturing Mother Nature,” perspective fostered in observing wolfs, elk, bison, and other Great Western wildlife. There is the Bear World perspective. A few potato perspectives can be found watching a movie under the stars at the Spud Drive-In located in Driggs or The Idaho Potato Museum perspective in Blackfoot near Idaho Falls. Idaho history is loaded in perspectives from original inhabitance, one-room schoolhouses, Lewis and Clark’s journey, and more can be found in the Museum of Idaho not far from the falls. There is a “Self-expression perspective,” catered to all creative and curious through the Art Museum accessible from the river walk. Near that is the Japanese Friendship Garden commemorating the city’s relationship with its sister city, Tokai-Mura. Both cities are about the same size, leaders in nuclear energy, and potato growing regions; providing a twin sister perspective. As the name offers its own perspective of The Sportsman Park; then the Russ Freeman Park along the river walk provides a Vietnam Memorial, golf, baseball fields, horseshoe pits, hiking trails, and abundant space – a myriad of perspectives to offer anyone needing a new looking glass to look at a repeated obstacle/challenge.

  • What feels untamed in your life? What are three benefits of taming it?

  • How can you express or define your current problem through painting or a poetry slam?

  • Which external factors, appearing to create insurmountable resistance for you, can you utilize as supportive energies?

  • What qualities of a pioneer on the Mormon Trail do you possess to enable you to cross the desert before you?

  • Which forces do you see as obstacles between you and your goal that you can flip into positive energy?

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