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Today's Cancellation COVID19 Takeaway from Free Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Berlin, Germany – 15 Mar

Today’s Cancellation COVID19 Takeaway from Free Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Berlin, Germany – 15 March 2020 is:

Due to current circumstances in Berlin, today’s event is canceled! My little update from this morning’s German media:

  • Schools, bars, movie theaters, etc. are closing in Berlin. Only restaurants can stay open.

  • Grocery stores etc. stay open too.

  • Berlin has 16 infected registered, mostly in-home quarantine.

  • BVG reduced its schedule already.

  • Hospitals in Berlin are allowing visitors only for children.

  • I’ll catch up later.

  • Ooops, I mistyped the number –it is 216 confirmed infected in Berlin. A number of them contracted the virus in just a few clubs that have been closed down by now.

Staying power is needed now more than ever! Yearning to look away or be complacent will no longer work! The Covid19, coronavirus, holding no prejudice against its prey, has plenty of persistence. Working together has never been so important; and also never so difficult. We all must participate together equally, shifting out of stillness into action and recognizing our part. Practicing patience, small things like washing our hands and not touching our faces, so when bigger, more drastic measures are called for we can do it easier without panic. Now that a more predominant thing begins prepare smartly, consciously take action using common sense. If you have internet, be thankful and use it to educate yourself about COVID19. Do your own due diligent research and listen to the experts.

Here is your direct link to the WHO – World Health Organization. Rise above blame, panic, and fear; they will not prevent you from getting any virus, especially COVID19. Get the facts!

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