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Takeaway from Free Virtual Group Coffeeshop Coaching - Via ZOOM - 07 February 2021

Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 07 February 2021 is:

Today’s topics related to finding ‘home’ right where I am physically, mentally, and emotionally, even in my professional world, when dealing with my current challenges and going after my dreams. A centered gravitational pull through the discussion continued to arrive at being reminded of how I am the first person responsible for me, and no one can do it for me, even though they may do things for me. My life is about my growth, my expansion from all that I knew to be true into something new, comprised from all that I’ve experienced so far with space for more. Two powerful questions from today:

  • Do I have the power to choose what I focus on, or does it come from the list of priorities?

  • What is group coaching, and how can it benefit us individually?

In the last few minutes, we took time to reflect over 2020 this past year, not only COVID-19 but also the best moments of these virtual group Coffeeshop Coachings. A few great quotes surfaced.

“Things to love about group coffeeshop coaching: collective feedback, inspirational group synergy, the company of familiar faces, for the newcomer’s the connection when opening up, virtual breakout rooms, timed talking for more interaction, unique short exercises like the imagined spoon full of saliva, demonstrating to remind us how we can carry our topic into all the other exercises, one in the ‘coaching chair’ for a live demo, the fabulous tone, love, affection, wholeheartedness, kindness, shared links, flexibility, great space, and energy, relaxing…”

07FEB2021 ZOOM Coffeeshop Coaching Group

“Life is like a train. On your journey, some people get on, and some people get off. No one will go with you for the entire journey. You have to be responsible for yourself.”

Natalie Lee LiHui李慧

“Don’t be too serious; things come and go. Don’t look for that place of balance; just do what you have to do, and it will find you.”

Anna Kuznetsov

“Gotta love the train experience! When you travel on a train, looking on the window, things are moving so fast and are so easily going, and when we stop at the station, everything is so clear on one thing: the station; stable and focused.”

Giannina Cornea

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