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Takeaway from Free Virtual Group Coffeeshop Coaching - Via ZOOM - 06 June 2021

Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 06 June 2021 is:

“Every wall that I build to lock the world out is yet another wall that I’ve built that locks me in. And in the most heinous kind of imprisonment imaginable, I find that I have become both warden and inmate.”

–Craig D. Lounsbrough, Author of The Eighth Page

I love the variety of topics that come into the coaching space, even the virtual coffeeshop coachings! Today’s coffeeshop coaching, with its wide variety of topics out of our personal lives, allowed looking at how we are biologically conditioned for behaviors and attitudes which are not necessarily conductive to a self-reliant and happy life… even vulnerability.

  • What is vulnerability to you?

  • How vulnerable are you? And what intention is underneath your vulnerability?

Although those exact questions did not come from today’s group, they can open your mind to something new. Perspectives are powerful in life. And how you perceive each challenge matters because your perspective influences the action you take. So the challenge is to act consciously with real intent in every phase of each challenge. Try doing something that gets you out of your comfort zone, makes you uneasy, even scared; it can help create more familiarity with the unknown and help you better deal with your challenges. What do you think?

I challenge you to join our next zoom group coffeeshop coaching! Do it for YOU!

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