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Takeaway from Free Virtual Group Coffeeshop Coaching - Via ZOOM - 05 December 2021

Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 05 December 2021 is:

“The story you tell about yourself is ultimately who you become. Change your story and you change your destiny.”

David Bayer

In today’s coffeeshop coaching, we addressed the challenge of finding our center in difficult situations and creating balance in accessing our strength without striving for unachievable perfection.

It is helpful to find out who we are in each challenging situation. Ask yourself, why is this situation happening to you? What can you learn from this situation? How can you develop approaches? How can you learn how to accept and forgive yourself? All of this in order to get through the situation stronger and be able to master the next challenges better. Simply being aware of ourselves within a certain situation can enable us to live with it, making it through and coming out stronger on the other side.

COVID has taught us how quickly things can change as the numbers rise yet again against another mutation. Change is almost always uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful, especially when it comes extremely fast. How can you be sure you are choosing change over avoidance or that you are not simply on a distracting tangent? It’s not always so evident in the day-to-day as when we look back and see where the smaller steps created something more extensive. Small steps, patience, and courage are required as we learn to observe our thoughts and feelings but not be ruled by them in the face of our fears and take actions that shape our lives in the direction we choose.

  • Who are you in the story you are writing?

  • Looking back years from now, who do you want to be in your own story?

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