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Takeaway from Free Virtual Group Coffeeshop Coaching - Via ZOOM - 03 October 2021

Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 03 October 2021 is:

“Ambiguity rules the middle spaces of the change cycle, where the clash of extremes reveals balance.”

Melody Taylor-Fliege

In today’s coffeeshop coaching, we were talking about the challenge changes can mean for our life and how change can provoke challenge. Through all these changes and challenges it is important to stay focused in a variety of ways. Primarily it is important that we take care of our health and sanity by allowing ourselves to be humans and not expect the impossible from ourselves. Another important piece to remember is to not measure ourselves by the big long-term goal rather break it up into achievable shorter-mid-term goals, basically a bench-marking which allows us to see progress instead of experiencing overwhelm.

  • Have you ever tried to break the way to your long-term goal into steps that you can realistically accomplish?

This can also create opportunity to give yourself credit and feel accomplished along the way, as life is but a journey.

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