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Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching - Via ZOOM - 04 October 2020

Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 04 October 2020 is:

“Discernment is the son of good judgment and the father of self-control. When mixed with an already clear conscience, the ability to read the true motives of a critic keeps one’s conscience both clear and at ease.”

Criss Jami

An intriguing poll question around strength vs. weakness opened up our virtual coaching. In today’s group coaching, we considered how our perceived weaknesses could surprisingly be strengths, but also the other way around. Perception is powerful with our thoughts, actions, and even emotions. We cannot expect others to identify our worth for us; it’s up to us to claim our own value instead of depending on external validation. The same gifts that can make us successful in life can be burdens depending on the circumstance and left unchecked.

Today’s word clouds created different perspectives of what this internationally diverse group values.

Today we also switched breakout rooms twice to add variety, and several people mentioned receiving similar feedback from different participants.

Questions, an essential element of coaching! I share a few questions that developed from this group coaching:

  • What simple strategies can effectively help me tackle big emotions?

  • How can I bring in more humor, joy, and fun to each day?

  • How can I give myself more time, space, and love for processing and transforming, although life is chaotic?

  • What will stabilize and balance me right now?

  • How do I take what is offered, even in weakness, and transform it into a strength?

  • What are my intentions underneath the most important things I want to achieve for life?

  • What simple strategy can help me find peace, accept what is, and feel confident right now?

  • What is discernment? How do I better discern information coming to me?

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