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Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching - Via ZOOM - 03 May 2020

Today’s Takeaway from Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching – via ZOOM – 03 May 2020 is:

“COVID-19 a virus helping us to exchange old ways of being with new ways of being, pressing us to open our eyes, ears, minds, and voices to something bigger!”

Melody Taylor-Fliege

In today’s Coffeeshop Coaching, we reminded each other that the specific situation that COVID-19 has forced all of us in one way or another comes with both challenges and opportunities. In our career planning, we are confronted with a shrinking job market, while at the same time, specific career fields are blossoming. In our relationship world, we are challenged by physical density and the intensified pains that come from tensions and “silent-treatments.” At the same time, we are very much reminded of the value of our relationships and encouraged to treat them accordingly, whether it’s remotely practicing social closeness or whether it’s sharing physical space in a gentle, loving, and respectful manner. Together we created an atmosphere of world-wide social closeness and proved that we have it in us ready to blossom under the conditions of COVID-19 restrictions.

ZOOM Coffeeshop Group Coaching QUESTIONS:

  • What is the reason to strive for this challenge?

  • What is this relationship showing me that I’m committed to?

  • What is (the challenge of what’s blocking me) showing me?

  • How do I make a relationship sustainable and not consume me?

  • How do I allow sustainability into my relationships?

  • How can I integrate steps/benchmarks to measure progress towards the goal?

  • What if the goal is simply one step?

  • What do you think you can achieve?

  • What story are you choosing to believe about what happened?

  • If my relationship had a name, what would it be?

  • What happens when I think possibility rather than probability?

  • Where is the kindness in this?

  • Where is the humor in this?

  • What is interesting about this?

  • What is growing the most in this?

  • How is this connecting me to myself? To others? To something bigger?

  • What I know to be true at this moment is?

  • What am I learning right now?

  • Which of my values is being stepped on right now?

  • Which of my values is being honored right now?

  • Where is the balance in this?

  • What is the most beautiful thing in all of this?

  • What is the routine in all of this?

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