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Stress Management: Release Your Dam of Emotions Carefully!

Growing up, I somehow interpreted crying as a weakness and taught myself never to cry. Learning how to release my emotions properly was something I learned much later in life. I learned that anger and even rage had importance and that stuffing feelings never made them go away, but instead created a reservoir of emotions sure to surface at the wrong moment. As a life coach, I work with many people around releasing their reservoir of emotions regularly so the “Dam of Emotions” doesn’t have to break and cause a major catastrophe in their life.

One dependable way of doing this is to give your emotions a structured release. A few times a week or even daily set with yourself for the same amount of time—15-60min allowing your emotions to surface and show themselves any way they need. Crying isn’t always necessary as it is not the only emotion. Perhaps laughing, kicking, punching, screaming, even just sitting in stillness may come up for you, just observe and let them flow through you. The objective is not to control or make something happen, but to create a structured time each day. Within a week or two of this discipline, if you forget, the emotions will start flowing and remind you what time it is. Let me know how this functions for you, if you do it.

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