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Stress Management: How Honest is Your Self-Communication?

Is your whole heart into what you are doing in life? Do you rely on other people’s opinions to decide what’s important or not, or do you take the time to research yourself and formulate your opinions about what feels important in your heart? Acting from a place of integrity can relieve body stress caused by self-betrayal acts that are counter-productive to your core values.

It’s difficult to see our issues through the shades of illusions we look through in avoiding what we don’t like in ourselves. It’s easier to project what we don’t like in ourselves to other people or animals and play out our disgust, discontentment and repulsion on them. Here is where the practice of loving-self begins through truth and honest self-communication. In the myriad of situations that surface each day, we get unlimited opportunities to practice loving and accepting the many schizophrenic parts of our humanness as they reveal themselves to us through others. Being human, we are each capable of committing the most horrifying acts of abuse as well as showing the most tender loving acts of compassion. Both reside within each of us and are activated or triggered differently with each life experience; a life experience can be as simple as just watching the news. We do not have to agree with oppressive actions outside of us. The point of what I write is to bring focus into the temporary moment of trigger and notice our self-communication by observing our emotions, the thoughts in our hearts and our heads and the words we express to others. Get curious without judgment if you can during this powerful moment, because it usually last a short moment, and it’s over. If you consciously choose to notice by taking a breath to expand and be present in the moment, you can learn so much about yourself and practice integrity. It is only a brief moment yet it comes so often every single day, providing unlimited opportunities to practice honest self-communication and integrity.

  • Can you notice, in a moment of trigger, the difference between what goes on in your head with what goes on in your heart and your actions at that time?

  • What do you notice?

  • How might it be protecting you?

  • How can you use what you notice to be more conscious and responsible for your choices?

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