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Stress Management: Finding Your Ability To Move in 30-Seconds

When you feel immobile and stuck under your mountain of stress, how do you find your ability to move? Each movement creates more movement; the hardest part is making the first movement.

Here is a 30-Second Joint-movement you can try on.

Stand up in a place with enough space to stretch both arms out to your sides and make big circles with both arms to move your shoulder joints. Circle 3-times one direction and 3-times the opposite direction. Make the same circular movement with your elbow joints and then your wrist joints. Breathe deep breaths into your body and each joint while you do this. Move down to your hips. While standing on both feet circle your hips 3-times to the left and then to the right. Then standing on one leg (holding onto something for balance if you need) and circle the opposite hip joint 3-times each direction. Then circle the same side knee joint 3-times each direction and then the ankle joint before moving to the other side hip, knee and ankle joints. To deepen the movement integration, repeat a movement mantra with each breath like the following.

  • “I am movement! I am flow! Life moves through me as I go!”

  • “Circle left circle right, and with each movement brings more light!”

Be creative! Have fun! It’s only 30-Seconds!

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