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Leading Through Ambiguity

“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.”

Gilda Radner

Whether you’re leading a team of executives online through working at home or several pre-teens through homeschooling, ambiguity is center stage. How can you get settled into this new space so that you can help others better settle-in? This covid19 is forcing us to restructure the way we do things, think about things, and simply BE differently. Some feel chaos on the surface, a bit lost and confused, while underneath a stillness, bits of clarity and calmness. Others may feel the opposite. It’s like having everything and nothing at the same time. It’s forcing us to prioritize what is essential, learn we can do amazing things with less, and growing our self-reliance abilities.

One thing that makes leading difficult in this covid19 ambiguity is making choices and decisions about an uncertain future with all the information we have, which is extremely limited because it changes each day drastically. We seek balance. We find balance when things are difficult, not when things are easy. Things are very difficult right now, and balance is quite fluid.

One of the beautiful opportunities covid19 is gifting us is the constant rediscovering of self-identity. As jobs, relationships, and even elements in our physical environment seem to crumble; we have an opportunity to observe our sense of self in these externals. We can observe how secure our attachment is in externals that provide safety, a sense of control, and well-being. So the shifting of these externals can help us connect more solidly to our internal core, the place of integrity within that aligns us to our values. This alignment helps us see and hear the direction our inner compass is consistently displaying, even in times when we lose our way by believing in external illusions. Once connected to your core and outer lives come back together, balance can come faster because external attachments no longer carry the need they once did regarding our sense of self. Through ambiguity, our sense of self can strengthen by connecting internally, making choices, and decisions based on core guidance rather than unpredictable external illusions. Therefore leading becomes a natural byproduct of ambiguity.

  • What am I observing through my internal stillness each time something external falls apart around me?

  • When I feel exposed and most vulnerable, what do I notice that I’m trying to hold on to externally?

  • How is ambiguity helping me balance myself, those I lead, and the world around me?

  • How can I become more comfortable in chaos? More comfortable in ambiguity?

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