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How well do you instinctively create to advance?

Yesterday, while riding a bus from Berlin to Munich to watch the German Cup Semi-Final Foosball game in the Allianz Arena between FC Bayern and Dortmund I found my blog post.

First of all to negotiate the best peace between fans most Dortmund fans rode on the top level of the bus and we FC Bayern fans rode on the bottom level.

Secondly this is funny as it brought back child memories in Idaho of riding to church in my Father’s pickup truck also in layers, bigger kids on the bottom and smaller kids on their laps as we were usually 8 to 10 children. I would say quite some negotiations played out in order to make it to church on time.

The third thing that came from this trip is the creative product and marketing FC Bayern uses to ignite fan loyalty. They say the 12th player is the fan. They back it up by offering a player’s jersey that can be personalized for each fan player; that’s where today’s picture comes in. This is also funny because I am child #12 of 15! It’s my number!

So, a couple of coaching questions for today’s blog post.

  • When crisis explodes, do you instantly blame or do you instinctively create?

  • How well do you exercise your creative instincts when it comes to negotiating and communicating with others in finding solutions in conflict?

  • In the challenge of making more money do you repetitively run through the same old thought cycle or do you instinctively add colors, over emphasized pictures, and look to expand the absurd out-of-the-box thoughts?

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