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Getting back to love in your relationship

So you’re past the honeymoon and fairytale of relationship, and things seem to be escalating the opposite direction, what to do? There are many things to do to get back to the love that enticed you to say yes to this relationship in the first place, or even bring forth a new version of that love connection. It starts with you first. I like to say, when you honor yourself, you honor everyone around you. Next demonstrate to yourself that you have the choice to stay in your relationship, by acknowledging that you can do nothing, you can leave, or you can face the difficulties and work on solutions. A relationship takes continuous nurturing and effort to deepen the love and increase the trust.

Honestly ask yourself, do you truly want this relationship to work?

If there is any hesitancy in answering no, it’s worth making an effort to stay by getting help like counseling or coaching.

Looking at your relationship as a separate entity like a business relationship is to two partners can help distance each partner from the emotional hurts long enough to ask some key questions.

As a separate entity, what does this relationship want from us (me/my partner)?

If the relationship were a painting, what would it look like?

And what is its message? What are 3 values this relationship stands on?

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