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From The Berlin Story Bunker To You; What’s Your Story?

Every business has a story, and every person connected to the business world has a story. Stories shape our lives. Stories shape our business life. Stories can be a powerful connection to business clientele. As a picture says a thousand words, stories say more that the words used to tell the story.

  • What is your business story?

Today I walked past the Berlin Story Bunker. It was so beautiful on a rainy day that I had to take a picture. This 5-story bunker is an authentic World War II air raid shelter. It has quite some different stories to tell on each level. It even has a horror chamber haunted with real ghosts. I know because I took my teenagers there some years back. It scared the crap out of us. It made me think about the stories each of us have to tell at different levels of our lives and even in our career. Also, because this month my post theme is business coaching, I thought about the stories of business in a couple ways. First that every business has stories from each of the phases in the lifetime of the business. And Second that every person in business also has so many stories to tell. Being a Life Coach tells quite a story about me in that I have been training all my life for what I do today. Many of the stories in my life help me access information, understanding and connection to my clientele in ways that enrich the relationships to the benefit of all.

  • What’s your story related to business?

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