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Free Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching - Beijing China - 21 May 2019

Join me online via-ZOOM for my next Virtual Coffeeshop Group Coaching! It’s free! I will be coaching you live from Beijing China! No need to sign up! To join the online ZOOM Coffeeshop Group Coaching, just click the link below at the appropriate date/time-zone!

  • 30-min. Virtual-Zoom Coffeeshop Group Coaching live from Beijing China on Tuesday, 21 May 20:00 GMT+8hrs (8pm Beijing China Time Zone) Topic: Forbidden City Perspectives

Topic: Forbidden City Perspectives

Beijing for many evokes an image of the Forbidden City, a place in history that was reserved for the few who gained access by birth privilege but also people could gain access through achievement as worriers, administrators, sages and others. Is there a place in your life that you feel you would love to gain access to and yet feel you’re not accomplished enough to gain access. What is that place for you? Can you really not gain access? Or can you?

  • What is your Forbidden City?

  • What is of value that you would keep inside of your Forbidden City?

  • If you were the architect of the city, how would you design it to make access difficult?

  • What’s your motivation for access?

  • What might you need to give up to get inside?

  • If you could gain access, what would it give you?

  • What is precious about not having access?

  • What’s the value in staying where you are?

  • Imagine that you’ve always had access since birth, and that what’s holding you back is merely an illusion; what would you then want?

Be prepared to share something you discover from the questions above or add more questions to the group via chat during the ZOOM-Coffeeshop Coaching. Open your mind and together let’s uncover new perspectives and valuable takeaway tools for your life!

NOTE: If the link above does not work, go to my Free Group Coffeeshop Coaching page on my webpage and at the appropriate time/date click on the ZOOM link found under “Next Free Virtual Group Coaching” list to join.

“Life is meant for awesome adventures, good friends, great coaches, and LOTS of coffee!” – Melody Taylor-Fliege

Virtual Coffeeshop coaching is confidential while using a more relaxed and informal platform that being part of an online coaching group can provide. An added twist of value that Melody brings to the online coffeeshop is the power of perspective. Perspectives are valuable in the coaching process for clarity, opening up and leaning into what’s new in any change process. Melody utilizes the energy of her live location in the world at the time of each Virtual Coffeeshop Coaching to help harvest new perspectives and valuable takeaway tools for individual attendees.

We meet online via ZOOM over a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever is appropriate for your time zone. Although this isn’t corporate coaching, don’t be fooled into believing that the depth and amount of change to be achieved is any less. This style of coaching is just as committed as any other form of coaching just experienced in a more gentle and relaxed way of coaching support, encouragement and none-judgmental accountability.These group coachings usually last 30 minutes, and they are FREE! For my worldwide regulars just click on the ZOOM link on my Free Coffeeshop Coaching webpage at the appropriate date/time-zone of the topic you desire from the list!

If you are struggling with big changes in your life, need to make a decision, or just need to be heard, coffeeshop coaching virtual or in-person can be the perfect platform for you.

Coaching is a productive relationship enabling YOU to:

  • Creatively explore solutions

  • Prevent self-sabotage

  • Take actions that move YOU forward

  • Achieve YOUR goals

  • Attain clarity in what YOU want

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