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Comfort Zone Disruption

“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”

Henry Adams

How to keep moving when everything around you seems to be collapsing. Like a necked newborn baby kicking, reaching, and crying while searching to find its self in space until swaddled. When dealing with comfort zone disruption, one searches for familiar routines, ideas, support to get back to what’s known and familiar. The unknown is scary and provokes insecurity, especially when outside circumstances impose chaos. When an event, thought, or idea seems too big, emotions like hopelessness and overwhelm tend to follow. Believing in something bigger than self is one remedy. Self-empowerment through mind games like envisioning the love of one’s heart growing larger than the body, the room, or even the city can calm anxious emotions by making the perceived fear seem smaller than self. Danger is real; fear is not. It only exists in the future, and we create it with our thoughts. Therefore we change perceived reality when we change our thinking. Changing reality with thoughts does not work for actual danger like a building falling on us, or a tiger chasing us. Knowledge through research and learning is another way of growing more significant than what ails us.

  • What can you learn more about for your current situation?

  • What can you do to stay grounded during times of crisis?

  • Which of your strengths are most needed now?

  • What might you need to let go of?

  • How can you simplify?

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