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Change with balance in light of inevitable challenges

“When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” --Viktor Frankl

With change and personal development the new is starting to come through and blossom into a new version of you; like the tree you're still the same in many ways and surrounded by the same old structures that provide protection and stability, yet in a new form, new growth, a new you. Nature has a way of balancing the old with the new; yang with the yin. The Great Wall has been standing for ages! The fragile blossoms, not realizing how vulnerable they are as they boldly show their beauty and strength and continue growing like they cannot be stopped.

What’s the yin and yang in the change you are making? What actions can you take to create a balance between your old and new structures? How do you continue to show your unique beauty and strength in light of inevitable challenges?

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