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Blame Chokes Change!

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.”

Dr. Robert Anthony

COVID-19 has created a global lockdown forcing humanity to stop, stay still, reset, and rise up into something new. As the world again opens up, stresses are over-the-top for many. Despite the intense challenges and desire to blame, each day gives ample opportunities to grow, learn, and change. The challenge can be staying focused on what to do and not do because of the circumstances rather than blaming another person. Solutions can be more difficult to find when you blame others for your experience because blame twists the situation. Blame does not allow authentic self-responsibility.

How can you stand up against something without becoming the very thing you are fighting against? Staying grounded with so much anger, rage, and aggression all around is difficult, and doable. You may think you see the whole picture, but COVID-19 is squeezing humanity in a way that doesn’t ease the tension. So if you look deeper underneath the chaotic illusion for a more beautiful perspective, what can you find that nourishes, breathes new life, creates more love? There is no limit to what is possible even in chaotic times like we find ourselves only choice, and choice comes with consequences. Take what is given to you and utilize it in the most compassionate way that you can to expand the love, hope, and generosity!

  • What is happening for you right now?

  • How is this a repeat of something familiar in your life, trying to get your attention?

  • Which of your values does this bring up, and why?

  • How have you grown beyond where you were before COVID-19?

  • How are you rising from the COVID-19 squeeze?

  • What if this situation required you to walk through security screening, but rather than a metal-detector, you walk through a blame-detector? What lights up for you?

  • If you apply new thinking compared to your old ways of thinking before COVID-19, what does the solution look like?

  • How can you move away from your worries? What can you focus on that will bring you more stability?

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