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4-Tips to Use Systems to Make Change Easier

Effective systems integration can produce and maintain positive results towards personal and professional goals, especially in times of crisis like COVID-19. Developing systems allows you to be creative, have fun in the process, and lead to better outcomes with less time and resources invested. And isn’t right now the perfect time to create systems? Lots of indoors-time on your hands to integrate and develop systems that make you more productive. If you have any ideas or related system suggestions, feel free to comment below but here are my tips to use systems to make change easier.

Tip 1: Questions Can Help Identify Systems that Reduce Your Stress Feeling overwhelmed or drowning in a pile of undone tasks that may never get done is a good sign, you should try something new. The power in questions comes more from the quest to find a solution than it does from exact answers. New thinking, new perspectives, and new possibilities open up when answering questions like 1) How painful is each task on your list, what resource will this task require? 2) Can I delegate this task or pay someone else who specializes in this specific area? These questions and others can positively impact the situation by helping to assess strategies that reduce risk and associated stress.

Tip 2: Utilize The Positive Power of Smart Systems in All Areas of Your life Effective implementation of simple systems can empower and enable you to step-up and overcome what you might have previously viewed as character flaws, turning them into character strengths instead. For example, someone who hates reading might enjoy an eBook App that reads to them at twice the speed. All of a sudden, they feel empowered because they understand and comprehend exciting stories and concepts from (paper) books they would have never touched before! See how this Systems App overrides a self-perceived character flaw like, “because I can only read one book compared to all my friends’ eight books, there must be something wrong with me.”

Tip 3: Utilizing System Implementation Through Coaching Coaching is full of systems like goal-setting and accountability. The creativity element of coaching continuously opens possibilities where news systems can transform and evolve from the smallest new thought or idea. My 180- and 360min-Packs are systems. I intentionally set them up to provide maximum flexibility for personalities that need more time and less time to talk through solution-finding. I systemically created my intake questionnaires to maximize coaching time for clients. They allow the coaching to begin the moment you decide to schedule your coaching session. Your answers already provide much information to work with inside the coaching conversation. We don’t need to start from scratch with “what do you want to talk about today,” therefore, we can dive very deep into your topic even with a 15-minutes in-depth coaching conversation. Coaching can help you discover which systems are smart for your personality. Consider hiring a coach today! Maybe online group coaching is your new thing since COVID-19.

Tip 4: Analyze and Optimize All Your Systems Utilize the time and space the COVID-19 pause creates for you to adapt your business or personal life to the inevitable changes they steadily face. Review your life or business model, the systems you are utilizing, clear out clutter, remove redundancies, update, lose surplus weight, and build business muscle through functionality.

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