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When the change process is slower than you desire

How can you find patients, calmness, and peace when the change process is slower than you desire?

Life is a process; so is an achievement. That knowledge alone doesn’t always create a sense of allowance at the moment. Perhaps thinking in circles or cycles like; breath in, pause, breath out, pause… repeat. Riding a surfboard or skateboard, skiing down a steep slope, or waterskiing can bring a sense of peace and calmness against the resistance of the external sources. When a balance is achieved, there is peace and calm even if you are creating the counter-balance-resistance.

The next time you find yourself in the process-plateau try confronting it with some positive questions.

How am I being creative right now? What can I do to balance the resistance here? Hold your hands out to your sides like you are a balance scales, shoulders and elbows relaxed. Name two failures into one hand. Name two strengths into the other hand. Clap both hands together in front of you, then rub both hands together really fast and with all your might blow the residue from your hands up into the air for Nature to sort out! Now take the very next action that comes into your head!

“To fly we have to have resistance.” -- Maya Lin

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