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The Year of the Rat 2020

“While stressing over the past creates depression and worrying about the future creates anxiety, right now is all you need for peace which ignites happiness, good health, and prosperity. Wishing you a New Year full of “Right-Now” moments!”

Melody Taylor-Fliege

Rats are resourceful, persistent, quick-thinkers, and easily adapt to circumstances. They are constantly on the alert for opportunities to gather and collect, yet without the worry of what others think about them. The cycle of the Chinese zodiac calendar begins with the rat bringing in new beginnings and transformative energy full of opportunity to advance, expand, and prosper. This is a year to dare more with respect to humanity and the environment. Wake up to be more accountable for the impact individual choices have at the global level. Focus on charting a course forward that is in alignment with personal values and the values we all share for our future together. Find ways to optimize your internal resources by focusing on what gives you satisfaction and more fulfillment. Use this drive to create and sustain success not only for self but also to help those around us.

Rats can be 进退首鼠, jìn tuì shǒu shǔ: “Hesitant to advance or retreat.” Meaning: Indecisive. While they can be reserved, if pushed, they can also attack with an extremely aggressive force. This year might be a year to use highly constructive words in our communication, especially in advancing our new ideas into the world. Although indecisive when analyzing a situation, rats are great problem solvers and figure out a solution at high speed and move quickly once they focus. Reminding us to stress less about what others think, focus on our goals, and “fail, forward, fast!” Meaning take action quickly – hurry and get what does work out of the way to get on to what will work.

Use the rat energy of this year to creatively find solutions to the challenges you face and open up to new perspectives of how each challenge is enabling you to expand into a stronger, better version of you! Give yourself space to learn and develop through the opportunities the Year of the Rat offers you, have fun along the way, and enjoy life!

  • In what ways can you better adapt to new, innovative ways of moving forward?

  • How can you continuously look for opportunities without being overstressed?

  • How can you better focus on your goals without neglecting your essential relationships?

  • How can you best use the rat’s ability to focus on priorities?

  • How can you use the rat’s problem solving to better face this year’s challenges?

  • How can you take ancient wisdom and apply it in your modern life in a way that is compatible with our planet’s evolution and to humanity’s best course forward?

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