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The COVID-19 Temporary Speed Bump

“Life’s road is full of twists and turns and obstacles of varying degrees. Some speed bumps look far more dangerous than they actually are. Some speed bumps can rip the bottom off your vehicle. Even so, speed bumps are meant to temporarily slow you down to a safer speed and prepare you to be able to stop for surprises. If you’re experiencing one of Life’s speed bumps, curiously look for what it’s trying to show you!”

Melody Taylor-Fliege

We live in a diverse world that comes with multi-cultural exchange and interaction, which goes beyond any level that could be imagined before the existence of the Internet. Soon the world as a whole will reach beyond the 5G speed allowing the transfer of currency, goods, and language at ever faster speeds and quantities. The COVID-19 crisis really creates not much more than a temporary speed bump in these developments. What that means, no one can really know. How does one prepare? Lean into it with self-awareness, know yourself, read lots of books, prepare to reinvent yourself repeatedly. Learn how to be comfortable in chaos and ambiguity and know what lies and truths actually feel like for you – how each resonates within your internal filters like your heart core center. The COVID-19 slowed the busy-ness of our world into a stillness that has allowed a lot of environmental healing and showed us what can happen when we stop for a moment, work together, and restructure how we do things. Many people in the fast-pace past felt alone and disconnected, although they were not alone. Social distancing helped many in self-isolation to re-connect relationships at a deeper level, some for better, some for worse. It has helped many people deal with relationship issues, including self-related issues they were too busy before to look at and address. In the process, it has restructured relationships at every level, personal, professional, global. It already looks unlikely that we will return to “how it was.” We can call this virtual upgrade the new normal because most entities that adapted through virtual connection will continue these implementations even after COVID-19 is far behind us.

  • What can you develop during COVID-19 to help you better create the new normal after COVID-19?

  • What is your Personal Development Plan that helps you connect with more integrity while serving the greater whole?

  • How is this COVID-19 temporary speed bump helping you develop?

  • How do truths and lies resonate differently for you?

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