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Team Coaching and Other Spring Projects

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

Henry Ford

During March, Spring awakens in the Northern hemisphere with newness everywhere. The COVID vaccines usher in light at the end of a dark pandemic tunnel. It is a great time to launch a new project for a team, business, or individual. Systemic team coaching is my new project. I’ve been taking online courses during the entire COVID pandemic. Contact me if you know any teams that might be interested in team coaching.

Before launching any project, it is essential to carefully plan each stage’s architecture not to compromise the vitality of the operation. So it is with Team coaching, first the research (inquiry stage); gather data to understand the purpose forward. Then from the data collected, create an action plan (develop the team charter, agenda, team contracting stage) that moves you consciously forward (the coaching-business-as-usual stage) in an expansive manner that provides value and learning for all stakeholders. The last stage is the review process, evaluating all the data, agreements, actions, results up to this point. Then determine the best next step(s) to create the most value for all stakeholders future-back, outside-in. High-value teams are learning teams. Growth and development come through good and difficult times.

Dealing with failure as a learning process for individuals, teams, and businesses can be overlooked. Understanding the value and benefits gained through failure can be supported effectively by coaching. Coaching can help identify patterns that have previously prevented an individual, team, or business from being successful. A learning process creates more value when you become aware of the contributing factors of failure.

Coping with failure as a responsible leader, team member, or an individual requires simple commonsense awareness that you pay the price when taking a risk. Realizing that experience is the best teacher can allow you space to fail, fall short, or try differently. Let go of trying to avoid failure and instead welcome it as a basis for success beyond what you can imagine! Looking at failures as opportunities to learn and expand creates a culture rich in creativity and resources rather than lacking.

Let the COVID pandemic be a wake-up call rather than any damaging failure. I challenge you to look for ways this crisis has expanded you in developing talents you didn’t even know you had. Look for what this crisis has helped you heal and move past.

  • Looking back, how have you adapted?

  • What have you achieved?

  • When did a failure lead to a success?

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