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Leadership Starts with You!

Happy New Year! 2014 has now faded into 2015! Leadership is the focus of my BLOG this month. Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, you are a leader. You are the leader of YOU! Leadership starts with Self. You cannot be a leader of others without being a leader of yourself. This is where coaching can help you understand the leader within.

Where are you planning to lead yourself in 2015?

I don’t know, response doesn’t let you off the hook. It is another way of choosing to give your personal power over to others and to allow them to lead you. It’s also a great way of setting yourself up to blame things, places or people outside of yourself for staying small and not taking the risk of failing.

I challenge you to take the reins and responsibility for your happiness and fulfillment in 2015. Set goals that do not dependent on others or circumstances outside of yourself for achievement. Reach out and stretch yourself towards what you truly want by the end of 2015.

You are the author of your own 2015 Script. What are you choosing to write today through each of your decisions?

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