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Get your relationship back on track for free

You can download my SHARED RELATIONSHIP JOURNAL free from the yellow section of my website. It is an interactive pdf with instructions to walk you through getting back to LOVE.

If it is hard to bring up the difficult conversation or it’s really hard to stay in the difficult conversations with each other. Having a shared journal that you pass back-and-forth or share in a cloud space could provide the interchange necessary to get your relationship back on track.

There are 13 primary questions to journal to, but feel free to add other questions along the way. Add questions that you want to know the answers to; even pose questions to each other. Just make sure they are not argumentative questions that make the other person have to defend him or herself. Let them be questions like, “I’m curious about you. I want to know you better. Tell me about this.” Make sure you are coming from a place of curiosity that leads to more understanding and knowledge of each other. This is where the journal is useful because it gives you time to get to that place in your heart, rather than just saying it out loud in an argumentative way.

This journaling is about a shared discovery of uncovering honest feelings and emotions of perceptions, observations and discernments of truths and breakthroughs of self and in witnessing each other. It’s about getting to know yourselves and about getting to know your partner. It’s not about making decisions about how the relationship should function. The journal can help you keep turning back to that primary question of “Tell me how you’re feeling, I would like to understand you better.”

It’s my free gift to you! Download this interactive pdf SHARED RELATIONSHIP JOURNAL from the yellow section of my website. While your there, check out all the other free coaching tools my website offers you, and book your coaching appointment today!

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