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Can You Guess the One Key Element to New Year’s Resolutions Longevity?

There are moments to reflect back on, moments to measure where we are, and moments to take action. Now is the moment to take action--to follow through with the information our measurement gives us from the reflection of where we started--in order to move even further along the track of just how far we’ve come. Follow-through--a critical element in the longevity of New Year’s Resolutions. –Melody Taylor-Fliege

One thing all gym-goers know is that January is by far the busiest month in a gym. Why is that? A gym is a great place to show you the longevity of New Year’s resolutions. People motivated by a combination of holiday binge-eating-guilt, gifted membership and the usual New Year’s resolution of living healthier typically manage to fight their way through several workouts a week schedule for a month. By mid-February most people welcome their busy work schedules, aching joints, or an Internet article recommending moderation in sports as an excuse to just giving it all up. Typically, by that time the results in the mirror aren’t impressive enough to convince them otherwise, they rather fall into destructive beliefs, that they are not genetically gifted for a healthier looking body anyway.

While I don’t want to convince you to try competitive bodybuilding, I chose this example, because there is no doubt in modern science that a lifestyle, which includes balanced physical activity, has a number of health and emotional advantages. Still, it seems very hard to follow through with any kind of workout routine for many people. Like the follow-through with physical exercise following-through with many other aspects of our life such as education, career, and relationship can help us living the life we really want to live.

  • What truly cultivates your follow-through mojo—your drive to follow-through?

  • Name 3 of the last things you can recall that you took a follow-through action with?

  • What personal value do you notice connected to all three follow-throughs?

  • What’s the message here for you?

Coaching is an excellent way of discovering what triggers your follow-through mojo. It’s also known to many as an effective means of uncovering personal value attachment to following through or not following through. Hire a coach today!

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