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Tough Lessons Learned in 2020

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


It can be challenging to shake off the old and open space for the new! Living focused on the negative of the past consumes too much valuable energy needed to develop oneself and create new ways of expressing who we are and how we can contribute more to humanity and in our unique space in the smaller circles in life.

So what was your toughest lesson learned this past COVID-19 pandemic year, betrayal, divorce, job change…?

As we’re about to turn the page towards 2021, what experiences have taught you the most from 2020? What are you planning to do differently in 2021? Some folks say their lessons were painful; others publicize them as refining.

My greatest lesson for 2020 is learning how rewarding doing what you love as an online career can be! Persistence and tenacity are a couple of the strengths I developed through the pandemic of this past year. Now in tough moments, I can look back over the years to see learned lessons from earlier years and how I’ve overcome tough moments like the one I face; therefore, I can apply it here too! How much do I want this! How important is this really in my life?

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