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Today's Coffeeshop Coaching Takeaway from - San Diego, California - 16 July 2019

Today’s Coffeeshop Coaching takeaway from San Diego California is:

“Life is meant for awesome adventures, good friends, great coaches, and LOTS of coffee!” – Melody Taylor-Fliege

Topic: Challenges on new shores!

San Diego’s Point Loma, where the Portuguese discoverer Cabrillo landed as the first European on the American West Coast, is considered “where California began.” San Diego, California’s oldest city, known for its natural beauty, laid back persona, and rich history with mild temperatures and tons of sunshine all year gives plenty of relaxation and balance perspectives. From watching the surf and the seagulls at Ritzy La Jolla a seaside enclave, investigating tide pool sea creatures, or climbing to the top of a rocky cliff to walking barefoot in the sand along San Diego’s gorgeous beach perspectives. Watching the waves roll in from a bluff or on the sand relaxes both the mind and body and can be an enjoyable experience. Try using this relaxing perspective against a high-emotions moment to breath out of your head and down into your heart and allow the emotions like the waves roll on by. But wait! The San Diego Seal Tour uses a hydra-terra vehicle to go from street to water without any transformation. Now that’s a radical change perspective! How about a paddleboard yoga perspective? If a simple surf lesson or San Diego Bay harbor cruise is not exactly your thing, there is more than water perspectives. Balboa Park, the city’s definitive culture hub, is where casual, artistic and culturally hip collide. What perspective does that bring up for you? Maybe you prefer the ultra-trendy night clubs perspectives in the Gas Lamp with dancing, restaurants or people watching while sitting at a sidewalk table allowing the world to walk by. There are the Baja fish tacos and mouthwatering burritos perspective because of San Diego’s close proximity to Mexico. San Diego’s bright red trolley can get you out of the hustle and bustle, giving you an overview perspective of what this southern California city is all about. It can not only give you an outside view but also take you to the border edge where the USA meets Mexico. Where you are right now is not everything. Incentives to look for new perspectives are all over; open yourself up!

  • What’s at the border edge of your comfort zone?

  • Do you allow borders standing between you and the life you are striving for?

  • What do the new shores, you want to explore look like?

  • What, if your life felt the all-year-round pleasant San Diego climate?

  • Is “hardship free” what you are striving for?

  • Would you miss the challenge of a cold winter-storm-like challenge?

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