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Conscious Breathing Against COVID19

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ (危机 Wéijī) One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.”

John F. Kennedy

Spring Equinox today marks the earliest Spring in 124 years! If covid19 is not crazy enough, add in a few earthquakes, severe storms, and tornadoes across the USA; but there is no yellow brick road to lead us out of this quite yet. Spring cleaning this year will be like no other on a global scale – getting down to what is essential and needed. Extreme change is intense and can create extreme fluctuation in body chemistry and perception of unfolding events.

Anger, rage, resentment–experienced in different degrees by most people can be distracting from feeling emotions like pain, fear, and lack of control. It’s not very useful to hang onto these secondary emotions. It only delays the inevitable and makes things more complicated when it comes time to take the mask off, and denial becomes no longer an option. A more useful strategy might be to look for and notice denial, then get out of it as soon as possible and courageously face a new truth. People often change not because someone finally convinces them to, but because of something happening that becomes undeniable! Daring to open up to new realities, new ways of thinking, new patterns of doing things is what is needed all around the globe at this time. Break the habit before the habit breaks you! Deal with your emotions before they deal with you! Work from the inside out, using gut-level common-sense-thinking combined with intellect and intuition for more creative integration and adaption to these rapidly changing circumstances the covid19 pandemic seems to be throwing at the whole world right now. This virus is taking the breath-of-life away from far too many, too fast, and currently only rising. It’s up to each of us to continuously breathe out of our heads and into the resources of our entire bodies for the wherewithal needed. This helps to access and calm all of the physical and physiological systems creating enough space, balance and stability to move us from one moment to the next with more flexibility, strength, and capacity to think and act. Reaction hurts far more than it helps. People feel alone in isolation and social distancing; be kind, present, and patient with people as they come out of their denials of whatever the covid19 is surfacing for them to no longer deny.

What can you do to help?

  • Be a listener

  • be more curious

  • Be a resource

  • be helpful

  • be compassionate

  • be more digitally aware, increase your digital skills as we shift to more eLearning, eSchool, eChurch, eWork eFamily Connections, eWorkouts, eParties

  • be continuously aware of your inner pressure and do something to release gradually, so you don’t accidentally explode when the next thing happens.

  • Shift out of stillness and into action before you snap and lose control.

  • Think ahead and strategize Plan-A, B, and C where you can to help calm fears stemming from not having a plan.

  • Read and learn more about what’s going on, taking breaks in-between to activate the body for integration of new insights and understanding.

Let the pressure building up inside push you out into a better being! Choose to be better and rise above what you thought before was possible! Expand and grow through this! Cultivate love! Expand the space you are in right now for more love! Embody a higher level of love in each moment! Slow down and deepen your breathing! Breath in love! Breath out love! Help move humanity through this crisis, one loving breath at a time!

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